it all started with a clip


While on a family vacation in 2012, I was purchased a flower hair clip that I wore most of my stay. It wasn’t the best quality and had fallen apart by the time I got home but I LOVED the fun it added to my boring style.

Upon returning from vacation, I had decided I needed more! (I could do this, I was crafty after all and I had repaired the one I was given.) So off to my local craft supply store I went with my mom to see what cute flowers I could pick up. However, after about an hour (maybe more) I had an entire basket full of different flowers that I LOVED but they came in bunches. What in the world would I do with that many clips in the same color and style?? So thinking I was cute, I sent a picture of the cart full of flowers with a text to my husband with a little note that read something along the lines of, “What do you think if I buy all of these and make clips and sell them?” Of course I got the typical attitude response of “If you ACTUALLY do it”

Challenge Accepted!

This is our 6th year in business and every weekend when he is waking up at the crack of dawn (or before) to drive me to my show and help me set up I am pretty certain he is regretting that answer! I am one lucky girl to have so much support. If you ever come to a show you will most likely meet most of my family since there is always someone there helping me. I would not still be in business today without them.

Klips by Kim 1st show